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Accu-Chek Blood Sugar Tester

$199 for 1 pc【Accu-Chek Blood Sugar Tester】(Reference price: $650)
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HK$ 650
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九龍旺角彌敦道 703號 金鑽壐 16/F (港鐵旺角站 A 出口)
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High Light
  • Quick test
  • Professional and reliable
  • Accurately measure blood glucose!
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Terms & Conditions
  • Effect Date: 2017-12-02 ~ 2018-06-30
  • Please redeem by printed coupon.
  • Please book 1 day in advance at 2370 0696 and provide coupon code.
  • Please prepare your own shopping bag for redemption.
  • Redeem time: Mon-Sat 1:00pm-9:00pm; Closed on PHs.
  • No exchange of goods after redemption.
  • Coupon is not redeemable as cash or change and cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.
  • The merchant has the absolute discretion.
  • The pictures are for reference only.


A. $199購1部【Accu-Chek Performa卓越血糖機】(自取)(參考價:$650)

B. $199購1部【Accu-Chek Performa卓越血糖機】(免費送貨)(參考價:$680)


Accu-Chek Performa卓越血糖機

  • 每次量度血糖水平前,血糖機會預先進行自我系統的檢測,確保系統安全
  • 專業可靠,讓使用者放心監測
  • 測試過程容易快捷
  • 準確測出血糖濃度,助你有效血糖管理
  • 只需一個型號2032電池
  • 使用方法請參閱附圖



  • 品牌:Accu-Chek
  • 電源:只需一個型號2032電池
  • 備註:血糖試紙(須自行購買)

Editor:Vanessa Wan  Designer:Lisa Yuen
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九龍旺角彌敦道 703號 金鑽壐 16/F (港鐵旺角站 A 出口)
contact number: 2370 0696
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