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What is Group Buyer?
A1: is a professional hunter for the best deals in town for any products that you can imagine. Just gather the set amount (or more) of GroupBuyers to GroupBuy with you in between the set time period, then you can get down to a half price or even down to a 90% off discount on your favorite deal.
What\'s a GroupBuyer Coupon? How can I use it?
Browse on and click the‘BUY’button, when you do this it means that you have chosen that GroupBuyer deal’s coupon, which we call the GroupBuyer Coupon. After the transaction, we will not cash out from your account immediately. We will only cash out when the GroupBuyer Offer is officially established, and you will then receive a GroupBuyer in you account, which insists of GroupBuyer’s Terms and Conditions and a security barcode. You just need download and print the GroupBuuyer Coupon out, then exercise the coupon at the corresponding company.
Do I have to befriend with all the GroupBuyers to enjoy GroupBuyer offers?
No. has already gathered thousands of GroupBuyers, there must be one that you can’t help but to befriend with. However, continue to invite your friends to GroupBuy! The best is to be shared~
I am very interested in today’s GroupBuyer Offer, what should I do?
Click the‘Buy now’ button within the set time period. When the offer is successfully established, we will transfer the payment from your given credit card account, and send the GroupBuyer Coupon to your GroupBuyer account , download and print it , which you can use in the corresponding company.
I still haven’t got the GroupBuyer Ticket even though I have already bought one, why? And when will I receive it?
There must be enough GroupBuyers to complete the GroupBuyer offer until it is officially established. After the offer is established, you will get a detailed email about the GroupBuyer Offer and your GroupBuy record, you have to sign into and print the GroupBuyer Coupon from your personal page, to be exercised in corresponding company. You can also sign into and go into ‘My Coupons’ to browse the GroupBuyer Coupon that you have bought.
Why haven’t I got a confirmation email after I bought a GroupBuyer Coupon?
The email might be sent to the ‘Trash bin’ of your email, if you do not want this to happen again, you can save [email protected] to your contact list.
Why can’t I find the GroupBuyer Coupon in ‘My Coupon’ after I’ve bought it?
You might not have successfully purchased our coupon, try again if that was the case.
Do I have to use credit card or Paypal?
No. Other than these two ways of payment methods, you can download the order form and do the payment through Hang Seng Bank ATM.
If there were not enough Groupbuyers to establish the GroupBuyer offer in the set time period, can I still have the GroupBuyer Coupon for that offer?
If there weren’t enough groupbuyers to establish the GroupBuyer offer in the set time period, it means that the GroupBuy period has gone and the payment will be cancelled automatically, and you will not be able to have that GroupBuyer offer.
Do I have to use the GroupBuyer Coupon on the day that I bought it?
No. A lot of GroupBuyer Coupons have expiratory date, as long as it’s before the expiratory date, the GroupBuyer Coupon is still usable.
If I can\'t use up the face amount of the GroupBuyer Coupon, can I save it to be used next time?
No. Except specially stated, otherwise you cannot ask the company to save the remaining value for the next time, or ask for redemption of the remaining value.
Can the GroupBuyer Coupon be used with other discounts?
No. Except specially stated.
Is GroupBuying safe?
It\'s safe. Your credit card uses the communication protocol ‘Security Sockets Layer(SSL)’ to transfer your information directly to the banks, our server will not save any of your credit card or Paypal account details. Please refer to the ‘Privacy Policy’ for more details.
Can I return the GroupBuyer Coupon that I bought from
If the merchant againsts any Terms & Condition which causes customer can\'t use the coupon, Group Buyer will refund to the affected customers. All coupons must be redeemed on or before the expiry date, no refund will be made in this case.
Would delete my comments?
In general, unless your comments have personal insults、foul words、calumniation、inappropriate erotic or violent opinion, we will not delete GroupBuyer’s comments.
If the company that I bought a GroupBuyer Coupon has closed down, can I still use the GroupBuyer Coupon?
If there is any case that prevents you from exercising your GroupBuyer Coupon, we will make sure that you get your money back.
I bought 2 GroupBuyer Coupons, and they have the same code, is that okay?
Don’t worry. If the 2 GroupBuyer coupons are bought together in one transaction, they will have the same code, however, the security bar codes are different.
I bought 2 GroupBuyer Coupons, one for myself and one for my friend, but both of the GroupBuyer Coupons have my name on it, would that be a problem?
No, we encourage you to get more GroupBuyer Coupons for your friends and family!
I have missed the GroupBuyer offer that you guys promoted, how can I buy that offer?
Sorry, there is no solutions to save an expired deal. Check on everyday to keep track on great deals!
Coupon Validity?
Coupon(s) become invalid after the redemption period. Group Buyer shall not accept any refund application for unused coupons which have expired. Some deals may be extended or shifted according to any situations, the redemption period will be changed. If there are any discrepancy between the website, apps and coupon of the redemption period, the coupon version shall prevail.
Could I refund my coupon(s) during the redemption period?
No, we will not accept any refund application.
What can I do if the product(s) is found damaged?
Please check the product(s) to make sure it is intact. If you found the product(s) damaged after redemption, you should return the product (not including beauty products, electronic products, commodity, personal clothing) to the merchant within 7 days of redemption and send refund application by emailing the return approval with merchant chop to [email protected] within 3 days of return. No return or refund is available after 7 days of redemption.
Website terms and deal terms in conflict?
Deal terms and conditions shall prevail.
Colours are different from the real products?
Photos are for reference only. Group Buyer shall not refund to any colour differences.
May I transfer my refund to other account?
Sorry, refund will only be transferred to the account owner.
How can I apply for a refund?
Please send your coupon no.,transaction date, coupon redemption reason to [email protected] To decise a refund application, Group Buyer will consider the reason(s) and the comment from the merchant. Group Dollar will be deposit to member account once the refund approved. Group Buyer reserves the right to decline any refund application at any time.
What is Group Dollar?
You can use Group Buyer to purchase coupons on Please confirm that you have enough amount of Group Dollar to shop.
Could my Group Dollar change to Cash?
Once Group Dollar transfer to member account, the balance not exchange by cash.